Monday, September 25, 2017

The Final Email!

Hey Mama, 
  I love you lots!!!!!! Cant wait to see you in a week!!
Sorry I would write some long, Inspiring email about my whole mission, but we are going to see a castle. Ill tell you in person. It will be loads better.
I love God, my family, and my mission.
   Gave my fourth talk here in Dundalk on Sunday. Topic was "What I learned about Jesus Christ on my mission." Big stuff,
My points were that Jesus has perfect love, which led to the ultimate sacrifice for us, which shows his perfect faith/trust in us.
   Jesus Christ's suffering won't be wasted on me!

See you in 7
Elder Scholz

I don't know...

Monday, September 18, 2017

Castle Field Trip

Hey Mama
   We had a good week that absolutely flew by! We had a good amount of people at church. Our friend brought his children and one of his friends (who brought his kids). We helped with the primary kids. I am exhausted from that. We have a full week ahead of us now. We have P-day today. Hopefully going to a castle near by. Tuesday is district meeting in Dublin. Wednesday is exchanges in Dublin. Then we have a few dinner appointments to finish off the week. Then the following week, we should see two of our friends be baptized. I am going to take some pictures from our adventure today!!
  Hopefully I will send them today!
Have a great week

Elder Scholz

Elder Scholz on his second to last PDay!

Monday, September 11, 2017

To Every Season, Turn, turn, turn...

We had a good week, and ended it with an interesting Sunday. We have been visiting our two friends with baptismal dates frequently. Good progress from both of them. One of them is going to be on vacation for a little bit and the other came to church yesterday.
      Church was fun because we had a good number of people there, with a new family in the branch. We were above 30 people. Hopefully we can maintain those numbers. Its starting to get colder and rainier here. We have heard a little bit about the crazy disasters around the world. Hopefully its all in one piece when I get back over there.
     We are hoping for a good week ahead.
Love you Mama
Elder Scholz

Final All-Ireland Conference

September 4, 2017

Hey Mama
I'm convinced that the celestial kingdom will be just like shaver lake. I am looking forward to thanksgiving. The Cousin Cabin sounds so amazing. I would love to help out.
The baptism had been pushed back to the 30th of September. Her Mom is going pretty ballistic. We are giving it some time because I am not about to break up a family. We are teaching Alicia twice this week. Mainly helping her feel the spirit.
     Her baptism will be on my last day in Dundalk. I am sad to see her have to go through a major trial before she is even a member.
     We had the largest number of people I have seen at church on Sunday. It was like 30 people. Cant even Imagine a large congregation anymore. Tomorrow is my last All-Ireland and I am going to be giving a departing testimony. I still remember my Incoming testimony. Big changes since then.
Love you!!
Elder Scholz

Monday, August 21, 2017

Baptism Miracle

Hey mama!!
    Twas a good week. Got the call that we are staying right here in the beautiful Dundalk.
  Got the call and I am finishing up here in Dundalk, and guess what!? Baptism on Sunday!
Came out of nowhere! A member had been telling us about her friend and how they have been talking a lot about the church. This girl Alicia had been going to Institute a few times and FHE. We taught her yesterday and it was the case of "When is the absolute earliest that I can be baptized?" 
     We spoke to the mission President and the Branch President, the baptism is confirmed for sunday and she will be confirmed the following week. 
MIRACLE. It is good to see someone who is so genuine about it all. Still cant believe it. This is how missionary work is supposed to happen.
    I am loving this area. There are some very nice families and they appreciate what we are doing for them. We are working with some less active families and they are starting to make some progress. One family have been coming out semi-regularly. 
   We dont have plans for P-Day today, but hopefully we can Figure something out!!!

Have a great week,
Elder Scholz

Fries anyone?

Headed my way?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Anger Issues

Moves call is on Saturday. It is my Final one. I will be staying here in Dundalk (probably). Then it is onto the home stretch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is crazy how fast time is moving. Is Logan home yet?
Our week was pretty good. We focused on a couple less actives to try and boost the sacrament meeting attendance. However, the people we focused on did not even show. We are going to try again this week and we are also going to be seeing the small but steady investigators we have found. We have some dinner appointments and some exchanges and even service. This week is going to fly by.
      We went to a castle last Monday. It is called Trim castle, it is where some of the movie Braveheart was filmed (yes I am in Ireland, not Scotland). Elder McDaniel should be sending some pictures so I will forward those as soon as I get them.

We had 4 of the Romanian kids come to  church and the ages were 13,12,8,5. We are working with the 12 year old to become a deacon. However, there are some... complications. He has pretty bad anger and a potty mouth. Keep in mind that he has growth problems so he is like 3 feet tall and weighs like 5lbs. We have been teaching him a little about passing the sacrament, but his Dad wont let him get the priesthood. So on sunday he watched another boy pass the sacrament and little Isaac was very angry. He went up to the kid after church and said in his squeaky broken English. "You better watch yourself, you are not even a real deacon." Then he called him four eyes, flipped everyone off and stormed out of the building.
      Everyone knows that he has some issues so nobody payed any attention. I went and talked to him and calmed him down then we walked back in and he walks passed one of the elderly ladies and says. "How was church today sister?" Like a little angel. haha he is a funny kid.
     We are going to play soccer and basketball with them so we can try and baptize the oldest brother.
Wish us luck....
Love you have a great week!!
Elder Scholz

Elder Lybbert and Elder Scholz at Tris Castle

Tris Castle

Irish Flag

Going to rescue the damsel in the tower

Watch out GQ!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Back To School

    There is a large Romanian family that I have told you a little about. We have been going over to there house quite a bit and they love to feed us whenever we come by. Last time we went they fed us some mystery soup that contained what we deduced was probably squid. It looked like boiled chicken fat and tasted like it as well. However, through all the Romanian shouting we heard the word squid. 
      All is well in Dundalk. There is a very helpful family, who has a great love and vision for the branch. We have a small teaching pool, but no one came to church! It was a small sacrament meeting of about 20. Good wee testimony meeting. 
We have a good week ahead of us with visits to some good families, and hopefully teaching some of our more solid investigators.
Love you much mamamama
Elder Scholz
Big Romanian Family

Mason's nickname on a wall in Ireland!

An investigator

One of the Romanian kids (I assume)

Dundalk District?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sonic the Hedgehog?

Things are rolling forward slowly but surely! We now have a few people that we are working with. This last week we had exchanges here in Dundalk. Poor little Dundalk couldn't quite handle 4 missionaries. So we relocated to a slightly larger town about 20 minutes away. 
      We had a combined priesthood and relief society last Sunday where we talked about missionary work. We rolled out a new branch mission plan and got everyone on board. I have never seen a more excited group of elderly people!!! Haha it was really nice. We have a friend scheduled to be baptized on the 19th of August hopefully he can stay with it!!
      It was a cool story on how we found him. We were on exchanges and we spoke to this tall African man. He said I am going to the shops to get some cigarettes, but I will come back this way and then you can come into my house. We didn't really believe him because people always say that to get us to go away. But, he came strolling back and we went into his house and taught him. He wants us to come over every day and he wants to cook for us. BEST CASE SCENARIO.
He also came to church yesterday!!!
      Love you and hope you have a great day!
Elder Scholz 

Elder Hinckley, Elder Scholz, Elder Lybbert

District in Cork
Sonic?  Is that you?

Friday, July 28, 2017

It's the Final Countdown!

   I did get the letters that you all sent. I loved reading them. Tell Noah and Mason that I loved there drawings. That is so crazy to hear about Michael and Taggert!! When do the leave? Where is Michael going again?
    This week has been a little crazy! There is a large Romanian family that we visit regularly, they are a lot of work! Kids are kind of wild... but it is pretty fun.
     We have one guy that we found, he is really nice and pretty interested!! He came to church and hopefully he enjoyed the company of the small branch.
   Here is a picture of us in Edinburgh when I picked up Elder Lybbert. He is on the far right.
Do you recognize the Elder on the far left??
Love you and have a great week!!!
Elder Scholz

Picking up his greenie in Edinburgh

Monday, July 17, 2017

Final Area!

Hey Mama 
   I am in Dundalk which is in Ireland. It is on the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It is smaller than Hanford. It has a branch of about 20 and we both gave talks on Sunday. It has been a while since I have been in a branch where  the missionaries did everything. My Companion is Elder Lybbert from Canada, Alberta. He is a really nice guy and will do great. We have a car here and a very nice house we are staying in. Our next-door neighbor is a very nice member. We have already found a few people to teach.
          The Branch is really supportive and is excited to have missionaries back in the area. 
    Had quite a crazy moving experience. Had to Drive from Dublin to Dundalk, on the wrong side of the road. The drive takes 1 hour and we had no GPS or any real way to know how to get here. But, we managed. Love you all!!  
Elder Scholz

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Warming up...

June 12, 2017

Congratulations Mama!!
      Shaver Lake... what a place. Looking forward to thanksgiving. 
This Last week was pretty long, but good. We were doing a lot of finding and we found some cool people. We had some great lessons and we taught the priesthood lesson on the Home. Last transfer a lot of my homies went home. Elder Oxspring (Milan) came to Cork with his family. It was good to see him. Elder Flynn (Tadhg) is coming sometime soon to Cork to visit. We have All-Ireland tomorrow which I am excited for. I need to get a haircut today to look clean for the conference. The branch president here wants us to be getting more dinner appointments. We have to ask for them here, so we had a competition... and now we have 8 meal appointments this week. Should be a good week! 
     We are still all good for our baptism on the 24th of June. We are trying to organize a multicultural food activity. We just had a Mexican chef move into the branch, so we are definitely going to his for lunch. 
The weather looks so good this next week... maybe its finally summer. We are stoked for a good week.
My companion Elder Haynes is from Las Vegas and we have been having a good couple of weeks so far. Looking forward to the rest of my mission, I think I will be moving next transfer. I hope not though...
Hope you are all doing well.
Elder Scholz

June 19, 2017

Sounds like some good summer plans!!
      Today should be a blistering 73 degrees and we should be going to the park for some fun time! Pray that I don't die of heat exhaustion! We have been helping our friend get ready for her baptism this Saturday. Her and sister came to church yesterday and they really enjoyed it.  
    Moves call will be july 8th. I hope I can stay here in Cork, but I think I could move. We did a lot of finding this week and ran into some interesting things. There was an old man who started to talk to me about the Catholic church, and he was really proud to see two young guys who wanted to help people believe in God. Then he gave me a nice set of Rosary beads. It was really nice of him.
     Looking forward to a really great week! The highlight will be the baptism this Saturday!!
Have a great week!!!
Elder Scholz

July 3, 2017

 Moves call is this Saturday and I have no idea what is going to happen...
I think I would like to move just to see more of the mission. But, Cork is so sick so I need to be careful what I wish for. We will see. 
      I am pretty excited for the 4th of July tomorrow. We will be having district meeting and eating pancakes. Also we will be bringing one of our investigators to a YSA activity where we will be playing some volleyball with the branch.
      We have a few dinners this week so we will be saying goodbye (maybe) to members just in case. I have a lot more missionary friends going home this weekend. Including Elder Calton from Lehi. He will be saying Hi to D-Beest for me.
       We have a little tin whistle that is pretty fun to mess around on, made some funny videos hopefully they can get sent to you.
Love you mama
Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Haynes and member friend in Cork

Flatmates...street contacting

July 10, 2017

Hey Mama,

    I ended up getting the call that I am moving again. I am headed to a place called Dundalk. I dont know much about it, but I am training a brand new missionary. President Donaldson told me that I will be finishing up my mission there. Weird to now what I will be doing for the rest of my mission. I am catching a plane very early tomorrow morning. It will be an exhausting couple of days... 
I was a little sad to leave Cork behind. I loved the members there and had a lot of fun. I was unable to to say good bye to so many people that I wanted to. I am in Dublin now and wont get into my area late tomorrow night. I am looking forward to seeing Edinburgh again. Hopefully I will get to meet up with some friends there.
       We are going to have to be helping missionaries passing through Dublin. I need to get headed now!!
I love you MOM stay happy...
Elder Scholz

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Time in Cork!

Hey Mama that is some crazy News!!! I am so going to miss that Shaver trip!! Take plenty of pictures for me!! I want to feel there.
    Pretty good week. We had a fun branch BBQ and we had one of our friends come with us. He was supposed to come to church yesterday, but he wasn't feeling too good. So we need to push his baptism back a week. Our other friend told us that she wants to wait for the 24th for her baptism so that her sister can be there. She went to Galway yesterday for church because she was working close to there. I told her to say Hello to the members there. All is looking good for her on the 24th. 
        This is a great city! I am looking forward to this transfer. 
Sorry I still haven't fixed my camera I will do it today and will send you some good pictures!!!
      Taught gospel principles last week on repentance and how it is a very special thing that we can do. I loved the comments shared by those who are not members of the church. One man said that We shouldn't dare ask for forgiveness if we are not willing to forgive those around us...
         Have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!
Elder Scholz

Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Almost Mother's Day!

Happy Birthday MOMO!!!!
Hey Mama Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! I will be calling hopefully around 9. I dont know when church is for you. I can check my email during the week for your response.
The week has been pretty good so far, we are going to a little coastal town to take some great pictures. Dont have a whole lot of time to email. I will see you next Sunday!
“There is power that can cause things to happen that need to happen. There is a spiritual force that can stir a mortal soul toward the spiritual. Faith is a power, and it can cause things to happen that need to happen. It can cause a soul who is good, but dormant, to awaken to God.”- This is what President Donaldson sent me.

Elder Scholz

Companion Exercise

Happy Birthday!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday!!

  Hey Mom was it you who sent the 2 Thomas Monson books? I started reading the pathway to perfection. It is so good. I am in Cork and this place is so incredible. took a lot of pictures, but I forgot my camera chord (of course). Cork has a branch of about 60 members. Funny branch.
         This place is a lot warmer than Scotland, and is not going to rain as much. We are teaching some people from all over the world. Cork is very similar to Galway. I already love this area. My companion is Elder Garrick from Utah. He is so great and is a hard worker. There are two other teams of Elders in Cork. Elder McDaniel is with Elder Smith. Elder Smith is from Australia and is a chiller. The other team is Elder Peacock (from England) and Elder Selander (Utah). I know Elder Peacock really well from Edinburgh. Then there is a sister team in a place called Tralee. There are the other missionaries in our district.
       Today we will going to some wildlife park to see some Animals. I am probably too excited to go. 
Love you! Cant wait for mothers day!
Ps. I dont feel 20.
Elder Scholz

Monday, April 17, 2017

Back to Ireland!!

Hey Mama,
   I am moving again. Going back to Ireland this time, going to the magical land of Cork. I will be training another missionary, but he has been out one transfer already. I am really looking forward to going to Ireland. One of the best parts as well is going to be moving with Elder McDaniel. He is going to Cork as well! It will be nice to be around him still. Cork is in the south of Ireland so it should be warmer there! This could possibly be my final area. I have heard so many great things about cork. We will be moving on Thursday! It will be weird to go over the water again on the ferry. I am hoping for great things. 
I will be missing my Birthday by 2 days. Hopefully we can do something good in Cork!!
Have a great week!!!

Goodbye to friends in Irvine!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Knock Knock...

Hey Mama so sorry for the no email. Rough week that week. My comp is struggling. All is well though.
Moves call is this weekend. Things are flying by. That is so good to hear about Taggert, it is a shame that I will be missing him though. He will do so good! This week was pretty rough as well. Upwards of 38 finding hours. It is like I am talking to the same 10 junkies. The district and zone are doing really well though. I have done 4 baptismal interviews in the past 2 weeks and have 2 more this week. Love meeting the people before they commit themselves to follow the savior. Really get to know people in like 25 minutes. 
   I will miss the opportunity to get to know so many people. I do kinda want to move. This place is just too small. We got a referral from the Ayr Sisters. She is so golden. Knowing my luck I will move before she gets Baptized. Heavenly Father needs to keep me humble.
    I am pretty sure that big Jake Taylor got called to Lisburn Portugal
Love you Mama Hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hey Mama 
We are looking forward to general conference as well! Irvine is good. The past days have been sunny and the people are happy(ish). This is a pretty rough area. A lot of drugs and crime. A man came up to me and started a conversation by saying, "you know why I hate the mormons". It was an interesting conversation. We are teachings loads these days but we do have a dinner appointment every evening this week. 
    Last week we got some snow which was crazy!!! But now we are repping the short sleeves even though it is still like 50 degrees. 
    We have some big plans for this area so we are hoping for a great week!!
Love you all and enjoy conference,
A little dusting of Spring snow

Some icy water!!

Glad elders can't swim on their missions...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spiritual Thought or Cooking?

Hey Mama,
    Had a pretty strange week. Very cold and rainy everyday until SundaySunday was very warm. Didn't wear a jacket, for the first time in like 6 months. Hopefully that is an indication for the coming weeks! The forecast doesn't look like it though.... Crazy to hear that Chase is back! Things are changing a lot. 
    We had an area conference for the northern Europe area. Had some fantastic speakers with some very motivational talks. We were able to use one of the talks in a lesson we had last night. We are teaching some cool people, however not as many people as we would like. Have moves call this weekend, so crazy how fast this transfer went by. Kind of hoping for some change, keeps it fresh.
Funny story time, went to a dinner appointment at Bishop's house. Always a great laugh at "Castle Cunningham" had a great dinner and it was our turn do the spiritual thought. But, the sisters accidentally texted Bishop instead of us saying "Hey you have the spiritual thought this time." 
So bishop was all like... okay, but you have the cooking next time! it was a good laugh.
Hope you all have a great week
Love you 
Elder Scholz

Monday, February 27, 2017

What Makes You Happy?

Hey Mama,

    Had a pretty good week. We spent a lot of the week talking to people on the street. You meet a lot of interesting people when you ask questions like, what makes you happy?
   We had dinner with the Calder family again this week. They have some great music talent. They put on a concert, it was really cool. There are some really good families here, they take good care of us.
      We are teaching a few Muslims and we were able to go and watch a prayer service last week. It was very interesting.
       We are continuing to strengthen the member relationships with the missionaries. 
Love you all and hope you have a great week.  
Elder Kai Scholz

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Attack of the Giant Bunnies!

Hey all. Had a pretty fun week!
   Last P-day we looked around the Paisley Abbey There are some interesting gargoyles around the outside. Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked about Baptismal Invitations. It went well and we were able to practice together. Elder Calton is a good friend of the Beestons, he is in our District as well. We talk about that little D-Beest all the time.
      After that I went on exchanges with Elder McDaniel! It was super fun to serve with him again. He is doing very well, he was well trained.
    We were also able to meet with some of our funny friends.
  We were hoping to have a huge day at church, but no one ended up showing up. That was pretty gutting<--- That is what they say here.
We are headed to a funeral later today in the rain. Should be an exciting P-day.

Friendly Neighborhood Gargoyle

Elder Scholz with Elder Calton

What do they feed those things?

Can I keep them?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Family Reunion!

Had a pretty good week. We met with a few great new people. Good news, there are Chinese people in Paisley. We probably found the 3 of them studying at UWS (University of West Scotland). That was fun. Had some interesting lessons with some interesting people. A lot of funny conversations on the street.
We made friends with the people who were stopping people to sell internet. Had one girl who was interested so we sent her info as a referral to the missionaries in Sheffield in England.
Don't think I mentioned that my companion is from London.
Had stake conference yesterday. It was so good to see some people that I know. Saw the Greenock branch and my good friend from when I was in Glasgow.
Hope you all have a great week!
Love Elder Scholz

Our district loves America (against their will)

Our "true" missionary bios

Brother Calder with the Calder Family History

There is a town named Johnston in our area

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Paisley, Scotland!

January 30, 2017

Hello I have 5 minutes to type this because this strange new library in PAISLEY is pretty booked for computers. Plus my companion ELDER MILBURN is already done emailing.
I loved Edinburgh and will miss it dearly.
I also loved Elder Hinckley and he is going to my old area in Glasgow. But the great thing is I have Elder McDaniel in my District so I will be seeing him a lot.
Sad to go, but I love where I am. I have been in this district before when I was in Greenock. So I kind of know this area. I will be seeing some of the members I loved when I was serving in Greenock. Exciting stuff, I will send some pictures next week!
Love you have a great week.
Elder Scholz

Leaving members in Edinburgh

Goodbye friends!

Companion bonding with Elder Hinckley

The Edinburgh YSA posse

February 6, 2017

Yes I am in Paisley, it is pretty close to both Glasgow and Greenock. At church I saw some members I knew from Greenock. The Paisley ward is actually the largest ward that I have served in with close to 120 members coming out on a Sunday. It beats both Glasgow and Edinburgh, something that the bishop is quite happy to share. 
I do love this ward already. We have a few DAs set up and planning on visiting some of the members this week to help get to know them better.
The Bishop is hilarious!!
We told him a little bit about ourselves and he made up fake profiles about us based on where we are from. Ill try to send a picture of them. MIne said I am a child actor and was in High school musical and Saved by the bell. I had a member of the bishopric come up to me and said... "I saw you and wondered why you looked familiar, then I read your profile.... I love saved by the bell!" I had no idea what he was going on about because I didn't read the profile yet. HAHA it was so funny. 
I will take pictures of the profiles
Love you all and have a a great week
Elder Scholz

Family picture 

My children and father


Just another beautiful church...