Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Time in Cork!

Hey Mama that is some crazy News!!! I am so going to miss that Shaver trip!! Take plenty of pictures for me!! I want to feel there.
    Pretty good week. We had a fun branch BBQ and we had one of our friends come with us. He was supposed to come to church yesterday, but he wasn't feeling too good. So we need to push his baptism back a week. Our other friend told us that she wants to wait for the 24th for her baptism so that her sister can be there. She went to Galway yesterday for church because she was working close to there. I told her to say Hello to the members there. All is looking good for her on the 24th. 
        This is a great city! I am looking forward to this transfer. 
Sorry I still haven't fixed my camera I will do it today and will send you some good pictures!!!
      Taught gospel principles last week on repentance and how it is a very special thing that we can do. I loved the comments shared by those who are not members of the church. One man said that We shouldn't dare ask for forgiveness if we are not willing to forgive those around us...
         Have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!
Elder Scholz

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