Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Some Holiday Pictures

     It was great to talk to you! Here are some pictures from our good friend J's camera!
Love you and I hope you had a fantastic Christmas.

Not sure...


The whole gang

J's baptism

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Hello Everyone!
Less than a week till Christmas!? Where did December go? It sounds like we are going to be spending Christmas with a lot of our Chinese friends. Haha should be fun. For most of them it is their first Christmas as Christians. We are looking at a fun week this week. We have a big all-Scotland Christmas Conference where we will be having fun with all the missionaries. Also Elder Hinckley and I got invited to the mission home for Christmas Breakfast before Church. The Weather says it will be pretty cold and rainy this week, but you can't drown the Christmas spirit our mission is feeling!

What time would work the best for you and we can make it happen. We don't even really know are plans yet. If you send me a time then we have something to go off of.

Ani just so you know 16 doesnt mean you can date, you have to wait till I get home to OK a date.
Tessa Enjoy Christmas and cant wait to see you!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Staying put for Christmas

This month is flying by! We are looking at an amazing month for the mission! Got moves call Yesterday and both of us are staying here for Christmas! We are excited to be staying. There were not a lot of moves around us so things should flow smoothly to next transfer. We dont have plans yet for Christmas but we should know this next week. 
   We are taking the opportunity to share the Christmas story with everyone. We have to push our baptism back to the 21st. But all is well, she is taking exams for some insane math class so we are moving it back a bit.
Our district is staying the same and the sisters should be having a baptism this Wednesday!
Things are moving forward as the days are getting shorter!

      Elder Swarts is going home tomorrow and he is here in Edinburgh so hopefully Ill see him!
Also Elder Flynn in going to be serving with my first child (Elder McDaniel) in Derry!

Hope you have a great week
Elder Scholz
Edinburgh YSA District

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In Search of New Investigators!

We had a very great Thanksgiving.  I ended up getting a double thanksgiving. We went to a YSA thanksgiving dinner with another team of missionaries. That was pretty fun, but we killed the food so fast. Then on the Friday after we were invited to Thanksgiving at the mission home. It was incredible, would not of even known that it was in the UK. The full line up of thanksgiving food all the way to the yams. Not a bad thanksgiving at all.
   We are currently teaching a lot of frustrating people. Especially because exams are coming up for the students so they can meet less and less. All is well in Zion, because they also have no more lectures so some can meet frequently.
Looking forward to Christmas.
Love you all
Elder Kai Scholz
Banana anyone?

Not sure...

A little bit o' snow

View of the city

Other side of the city

Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas is under way!

Hey it is getting pretty cold up here!

    It is dipping below freezing. WOOO! The Christmas market is up and the lights are bright. 
I am trying to learn Chinese to help with our investigators. Haha I know how to say baptism because that is all they need to know. Haha only playing. We are having a good time. We have been struggling with new investigators, because at this point we know everyone at the University's first, last, and dogs name.
    I am getting excited for Christmas and looking forward to thanksgiving as well. We are starting to know all the members. I do love this city!
I hope I do stay for Christmas.
Love you all

Scottish fried chicken anyone?

The Christmas Festival in Edinburgh

Artsy elder pics!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Training again!

Hello Mama 
    It is starting to cool down plenty. No snow but it could come soon! my new companion is Elder Hinckley from Clinton Utah. He is a tall guy (my first companion that is taller than me). He is really great! Another easy one to train. However, neither of us speak Chinese and we still teach all Chinese! It is fun to try to draw lessons, or use different analogies. We are excited to be serving together in Edinburgh! 

    Im looking forward to Thanksgiving, I hope that we can be with an American family for it. We have some really interesting people that we have met recently. We are hoping to find and teach some new people. 

    We are going to do some shopping today and getting some pizza with the other missionaries!
Elder Hinckley...Greenie!

PDay email selfie

Edinburgh Castle

Monday, November 7, 2016

Winter in Edinburgh

I am staying in Edinburgh! It has been a while since I have been able to stay in an area! I am excited to be staying. Elder Donovan is moving to Dundee, and I will be training again! Another brand new missionary. It should be fun, but I am nervous to have the fate of another bright eyed missionary in my hands. I am pretty sure that I will be staying in Edinburgh until Christmas because they dont normally move people right before Christmas. I heard that Edinburgh has a pretty great Christmas market as well.
    It is starting to cool down a lot here and apparently it could do some snowing this winter! 
Last week was very cool because the sisters in the District baptised a girl. I was able to interview her for baptism and she asked if would baptise her. It was a really cool experience. 
   I do love this city and ward I am looking forward to serving another transfer here!
The Edinburgh crew

Breakin in the whites!

So long Elder Donovan!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall in Edinburgh

Busy week this last week! We had a baptism that we had to completely organize because the ward mission leader got released. It was pretty stressful, but it went well. It was a nice service and the mission President was the one who baptized her. It was so nice to see. 
   1 year went by so quickly, looking back on my past 9 transfers is crazy. I have been moving all over this mission and have had some great companions. This Sunday is the moves call... The past 3 moves calls I have moved. So I should be staying, but knowing me Ill move. I want to stay here till Christmas. I love this city.
   It is beautiful here this time of year. Leaves are completely covering the ground. This morning we played soccer in the park for exercise. The sunrise was amazing. 
   We are hoping to carve some pumpkins this evening, which I am so excited for because last Halloween I was in the MTC and did not have the chance to. 

Happy Halloween!!!!!!
Talk to you next week. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

One Year Down...

Hello Mother,
    I had a pretty great week! We have been teaching a lot of students and especially Chinese students. We have a baptism this Wednesday. We had a cool experience... The girl getting baptized on wednesday had a few concerns we needed to help her with before her baptism. We decided that since we are right next to the mission home we would teach her in the mission home with president Donaldson. We had a spiritual lesson in which all her concerns were resolved and she said she was feeling the spirit so strong. We left the room and president Donaldson conducted her interview, which lasted an hour. Then they both came out smiling and everything is good to go. We are looking forward to the baptism, I will send those photos next week.
Next Saturday is my year mark! and next P-Day is Halloween. Exciting stuff!!!
I will send some of the Edinburgh city center's p-day adventures.
Love you all and have a great week!!

The brethren


Rock on Missionaries!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


  Hello Mother thank you so much for the package you sent!! It was a great thing to get a package on time. Now that I am in Edinburgh it is not as complicated to get things from the home. The weather has not been too bad. We have another sunny day today. So we will be doing a little hike up Arthur's Seat. 
      Last Tuesday we got locked out of our flat. This was the 3rd time that has happened to me. This time it was not actually my fault haha.
There is Someone in this ward who is actually from the SCV. We chatted for a bit but we don't know the same people.
     We have a busy week ahead of us so we hope that everything goes smoothly.
Love you all and have a great week!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

European Selfies

     Edinburgh is so good. We are destroying the poor University. We teach A LOT of chinese people. The lessons are mostly in english, but if something isn't clear it helps to explain it in chinese. We have a small District of just us and the Sister Training Leaders (STLs). We are doing well. We have an all-scotland conference this week. Those are always good, I will get to see a lot of my good friends. The weather has been really nice. It makes it so great when the sun is shining and we are talking to happy people in the many parks here.
  The ward is nice, but it is hard to meet people personally. There are 10 missionaries in the ward. And the office staff and presidency. There are a lot of Americans here for the University so I need to meet some of them.
  We are hoping for some great things this transfer. 

Love you all 
Elder Scholz
Seek and ye shall find

Monday, October 3, 2016

To the Mother Ship!

Mother I moved AGAIN!?! It shocked us hardcore, but I am moving to be the new YSA district leader in Edinburgh. I am going to the Flagship of the mission. I go to church with all the office staff and there are 10 missionaries in our ward. I have a Chinese speaking missionary as a companion, his name is Elder Donovan he is from Utah. He is really funny and is doing well with his Chinese. We teach a lot of chinese people which is always fun. We have a super nice flat, with an amazing shower so that makes the day nicer. Also Elder McDaniel stayed in Londonderry and they ended baptising the lady we were teaching. I am a little sad that I missed it but I am happy to be in another big city. I left my camera charger in Derry so my camera is dead so I will send more photos next week!
Sorry for missing emailing had a lot of traveling.
Elder Scholz
Home to Edinburgh

Monday, September 19, 2016

En Guard!

Hey Mama 
   The weather is starting to get colder and there is more rain. It is crazy how this is going to be the second winter on my mission. That is crazy about the Irish girl! You should ask which Dublin ward she was in. Moves call is next Sunday and knowing my luck I will probably be moving again, but I dont think so. We were supposed to have a baptism this week but we needed to push it back until after conference weekend. I am very excited to listen to conference, it is way better on the mish. We did fencing today for P-Day with a member who is a fencing coach. It is pretty funny to smack each other with a sword. The University is starting up now and we are starting to speak to more foreigners which is good. Hope you all are having a great week!

Elder Scholz

Monday, September 12, 2016

Missionary Cookies

Sounds like an Incredible week. Weeks are just flying by like crazy. Next transfer I will be hitting the year mark! 
We have had a great week. It was crap weather but we found some really great people. We are hoping to have a baptism in a couple of weeks. We had a miracle find. Mainly because we found a Filipino lady in Derry?! Luckly there are a few Filipinos in the ward. We are so excited for the success we are seeing. But, moves call is sneaking up on us. We should be staying but no one knows for sure what is going to happen. We are really setting this area on fire even the downpour of rain cant stop us. We got to teach young mens yesterday in church and it was pretty fun. I remember when the missionaries used to sit in on our class when we wouldnt have a teacher. That was a reminder that I am one of those people that wear a name badge and are from some foreign place. 
   Pray for us and those that we are teaching.
Oh and we made cookies for our neighbors and they were absolutely awful.
Have a great week, 
Love you all
Elder Scholz

Missionary Cookies...Yummy!

A new perspective

"Cuz I'm proud to be an American..."

A mural in Derry

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pigeon Whisperer

   Hey thank you for the Talk you sent me I have heard it and wanted to read it again. I used it when I spoke in sacrament meeting. Elder McDaniel and I are working harder and harder now that we know our area pretty well. We are teaching everybody and are looking for those who are prepared. On Saturday we went and bought an ice cream cone from this nice lady in an Ice Cream truck. We had a good chat with her and she said she was pretty interested. She told us to come back and see her. So yesterday we went back to the van and taught her through the window and she loved it. We are definitely seeing the miracles especially when we talk to and teach everyone. 
   Elder McDaniel is like a weird animal whisperer, it must be an Idaho thing. He was able to telepathically control the pigeons in the city center. Everyone loved it and were taking pictures. Haha  Good times.
I hope everyone is doing good at home.
Love you and have a great week.

Elder McDaniel...Pigeon Whisperer

They wear their ties short there in Ireland...