Monday, January 25, 2016

Changes Are Coming

Hey All
We are still working hard out here. We had a great week both in numbers and in other things. We had zone interview training, where we had the APs and the mission president speak to us as a zone. We all got super pumped. We have a great little branch in galway, but they don't really work towards growing it to be big enough to be a ward. They are all nice but kind of laid back. We have anywhere between 30 and 35 people come each week. We set a branch goal of 50 for the end of the year. That would be great. The hardest thing is getting people to church. The building is in an inconvenient location, so we got permission from our district president (like a stake president) to look for a new building. We still had this cool girl from south korea come to church. We currently have 2 people scheduled for baptism however it is going to take a lot of work to get them to church. Getting them to commit to baptism is the easy part. 
   We have moves call this sunday and it is going to be a massive moves. The crazy part is that next transfer is only going to be 4 weeks long. The Mtc is going to be extended to 3 weeks and we are shifting our transfer schedule to line back up with it. I still haven't had a normal 6 week transfer. This is going to be a great week because we will be using the excuse that Elder williams will be leaving next week, so we will get to meet with a lot of our former investigators and potentials.
   We had a young girl from south korea come to church with us. She was funny and super nice. But it was a little awkward because we had President Roy, our district leader, come speak to the branch about missionary work and why it is important to grow the branch. But we taught gospel principles and had a great lesson with her. We then had a munch and mingle after church which she stayed for. She loved it how everyone was nice to her and were very friendly.
 I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Scholz

Friendly Galway Horses

Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Day

Probably won't be doing anything for MLK Day today, but I hope you all enjoy this Month. We have moves call in a couple of weeks and there is going to be changes for sure. President Thompson from the mission presidency came to church on Sunday and spoke. He was there to interview people for their temple recommends. He is a great guy, and really funny. We listened to a member give her farewell talk. She is leaving this week and she is serving in the Birmingham, England Mission. She gave a great talk. The weather is getting dryer but way colder.
We woke up to something that looked like snow. It was crazy. I hope you all have a nice week.
Elder Scholz
Soccer with castle in background


Monday, January 11, 2016

The Spice of Life

  Hello from Galway!

This Last week was pretty exciting. We meet with lots of people and met many new people. We teach mostly foreigners because of all the schools that teach english. We are starting to meet many people from this one school called Bridge Mills Language Center. One girl in our branch goes to that school and started to introduce us to her friends. We would teach them and they would bring more and more people to our lessons. Now we probably know half of the people at that school.
   The weekend was pretty fun as well. Thursday we had dinner at the Morgans(The American couple) and C (recent convert) came as well. It was tasty food and we had a nice time. Friday night we went to a less-active ladies birthday party. Her name is A and she is from Nigeria. It was an interesting experience. My companion and I were the only ones sitting at the dinner table and she kept throwing crazy food on our plates. I would have been okay, but I have never consumed food that was so spicy in my entire life. I normally can handle spicy food, however I was struggling. I was sweating from this food. A has two sons named J(14) & J(12) they are really cool and both love basketball. We were talking about the NBA for a while. It was great and took some great pictures. 
   Saturday we had a farewell party for Alex. She is leaving on a mission at the end of January. She is serving in Birmingham, England. We had a pirate themed party with a lot of food and treats. Everybody was all dressed up and we were able to meet new people.
   Church was nice and my companion gave a talk about the Book of Mormon. I really like having a small branch because everything is more personal and friendly. 
  I hope everyone is doing well
Elder Scholz
Nigerian fam
Pirate Party
West Side


Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Baby!

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all had a great New Years. We saw a lot of hail but no snow, but I am still hoping that maybe it will snow soon. I am looking forward to get back into the groove after these holidays. We are having a great time here in Galway. People will be returning home from traveling so we will be able to see our investigators again. We have a busy week planned. We are having a farewell party for a girl named Alex who is leaving on her mission. She is awesome and it will be interesting to see how the branch reacts to losing one of their closest members. We had young mens last week, with one inactive boy. We played soccer for an hour and I realized that this young 14 year old kid was way better than me. Its true that Americans are behind the game when it comes to soccer. I am having a great time here Galway. Meeting some interesting people, and seeing very cool new things. I hope you guys start 2016 right, and remember that resolutions are supposed to last the whole year!
Elder Scholz