Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey Everybody, 
   Sounds like you had a busy week, which is really good. Staying busy is good, we are doing our best to stay busy here. The lady we are teaching is still going to be baptised but, we have had to push it back to the 12th of March because she went to Dublin last week. I am nervous because we get our moves call on the 29th of February and if anyone is going to leave it will be me. I really dont want to miss her baptism. However, I will do whatever I need to do. Recently we have been struggling to find new people to teach, but we have been teaching a couple great people. There is one guy from Oklahoma and he is really cool, and of course we are teaching a great brazilian man. We are hopeful and are excited to see them progress. Shout out to Spen-Dizzle for the shout out. I will pray for him to get called to this mission then I will train him. Also that is so great to hear about Andrade. I am so happy to hear everything is going well. Stevenson Ranch Ward continues to represent!!! I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Scholz

PS from mom:  If any of you watch American Idol, Elder Blosil's sister, Jenn, just made it into the top 14! Go team Blosil!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Miracle Weather!

    To start off the weather this week has been a miracle by itself. We have had a majority of nice days this week. We have been working hard and keeping strong. We are still working with our investigator that has a date, however she has been traveling so we are going to move her date back to the 27th so we make sure she is prepared. We have a few dinner appointments and it has been fun showing my new companion around galway and introduce him to everybody. We had a fun evening at the Morgans home and we brought to of our investigators. We are excited for the next couple of days and weeks. I love hearing from everybody and hope all is still well. I am happy to be learning a lot from my new companion and from working harder and harder. I hope everybody had a great valentine's day and showed some love.
Elder Scholz

The Missionary Squad

Monday, February 1, 2016

Still In Galway!

We got our moves call last night and IM STAYING IN GALWAY!! I am so happy. Elder Williams is going up to Belfast in Northern Ireland, and my new companion is Elder Blosil. I dont know much about him, but he has been out for 18 months. I will be able to learn a lot from him. We have a great investigator from Malawi and she came to church yesterday! She has a baptismal date for Feb 20. We are so excited to help her be baptized. We have been doing really well in our area and we finished this transfer off on a really positive note. The next transfer is really short, so it will feel so short. I know that I am meant to work really hard here in Galway to help this small branch grow. One of the little girls in primary gave me a letter from the primary. It was great. I am excited to be staying in Galway, and see great things in the future.
   I will be traveling to Dublin this week to get my new companion. I will be back later this week and it will be fun to lead out in this area.
   I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the weather.
Elder Scholz

On a Bridge


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