Monday, February 15, 2016

Miracle Weather!

    To start off the weather this week has been a miracle by itself. We have had a majority of nice days this week. We have been working hard and keeping strong. We are still working with our investigator that has a date, however she has been traveling so we are going to move her date back to the 27th so we make sure she is prepared. We have a few dinner appointments and it has been fun showing my new companion around galway and introduce him to everybody. We had a fun evening at the Morgans home and we brought to of our investigators. We are excited for the next couple of days and weeks. I love hearing from everybody and hope all is still well. I am happy to be learning a lot from my new companion and from working harder and harder. I hope everybody had a great valentine's day and showed some love.
Elder Scholz

The Missionary Squad

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