Monday, October 24, 2016

One Year Down...

Hello Mother,
    I had a pretty great week! We have been teaching a lot of students and especially Chinese students. We have a baptism this Wednesday. We had a cool experience... The girl getting baptized on wednesday had a few concerns we needed to help her with before her baptism. We decided that since we are right next to the mission home we would teach her in the mission home with president Donaldson. We had a spiritual lesson in which all her concerns were resolved and she said she was feeling the spirit so strong. We left the room and president Donaldson conducted her interview, which lasted an hour. Then they both came out smiling and everything is good to go. We are looking forward to the baptism, I will send those photos next week.
Next Saturday is my year mark! and next P-Day is Halloween. Exciting stuff!!!
I will send some of the Edinburgh city center's p-day adventures.
Love you all and have a great week!!

The brethren


Rock on Missionaries!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


  Hello Mother thank you so much for the package you sent!! It was a great thing to get a package on time. Now that I am in Edinburgh it is not as complicated to get things from the home. The weather has not been too bad. We have another sunny day today. So we will be doing a little hike up Arthur's Seat. 
      Last Tuesday we got locked out of our flat. This was the 3rd time that has happened to me. This time it was not actually my fault haha.
There is Someone in this ward who is actually from the SCV. We chatted for a bit but we don't know the same people.
     We have a busy week ahead of us so we hope that everything goes smoothly.
Love you all and have a great week!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

European Selfies

     Edinburgh is so good. We are destroying the poor University. We teach A LOT of chinese people. The lessons are mostly in english, but if something isn't clear it helps to explain it in chinese. We have a small District of just us and the Sister Training Leaders (STLs). We are doing well. We have an all-scotland conference this week. Those are always good, I will get to see a lot of my good friends. The weather has been really nice. It makes it so great when the sun is shining and we are talking to happy people in the many parks here.
  The ward is nice, but it is hard to meet people personally. There are 10 missionaries in the ward. And the office staff and presidency. There are a lot of Americans here for the University so I need to meet some of them.
  We are hoping for some great things this transfer. 

Love you all 
Elder Scholz
Seek and ye shall find

Monday, October 3, 2016

To the Mother Ship!

Mother I moved AGAIN!?! It shocked us hardcore, but I am moving to be the new YSA district leader in Edinburgh. I am going to the Flagship of the mission. I go to church with all the office staff and there are 10 missionaries in our ward. I have a Chinese speaking missionary as a companion, his name is Elder Donovan he is from Utah. He is really funny and is doing well with his Chinese. We teach a lot of chinese people which is always fun. We have a super nice flat, with an amazing shower so that makes the day nicer. Also Elder McDaniel stayed in Londonderry and they ended baptising the lady we were teaching. I am a little sad that I missed it but I am happy to be in another big city. I left my camera charger in Derry so my camera is dead so I will send more photos next week!
Sorry for missing emailing had a lot of traveling.
Elder Scholz
Home to Edinburgh