Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday!!

  Hey Mom was it you who sent the 2 Thomas Monson books? I started reading the pathway to perfection. It is so good. I am in Cork and this place is so incredible. took a lot of pictures, but I forgot my camera chord (of course). Cork has a branch of about 60 members. Funny branch.
         This place is a lot warmer than Scotland, and is not going to rain as much. We are teaching some people from all over the world. Cork is very similar to Galway. I already love this area. My companion is Elder Garrick from Utah. He is so great and is a hard worker. There are two other teams of Elders in Cork. Elder McDaniel is with Elder Smith. Elder Smith is from Australia and is a chiller. The other team is Elder Peacock (from England) and Elder Selander (Utah). I know Elder Peacock really well from Edinburgh. Then there is a sister team in a place called Tralee. There are the other missionaries in our district.
       Today we will going to some wildlife park to see some Animals. I am probably too excited to go. 
Love you! Cant wait for mothers day!
Ps. I dont feel 20.
Elder Scholz

Monday, April 17, 2017

Back to Ireland!!

Hey Mama,
   I am moving again. Going back to Ireland this time, going to the magical land of Cork. I will be training another missionary, but he has been out one transfer already. I am really looking forward to going to Ireland. One of the best parts as well is going to be moving with Elder McDaniel. He is going to Cork as well! It will be nice to be around him still. Cork is in the south of Ireland so it should be warmer there! This could possibly be my final area. I have heard so many great things about cork. We will be moving on Thursday! It will be weird to go over the water again on the ferry. I am hoping for great things. 
I will be missing my Birthday by 2 days. Hopefully we can do something good in Cork!!
Have a great week!!!

Goodbye to friends in Irvine!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Knock Knock...

Hey Mama so sorry for the no email. Rough week that week. My comp is struggling. All is well though.
Moves call is this weekend. Things are flying by. That is so good to hear about Taggert, it is a shame that I will be missing him though. He will do so good! This week was pretty rough as well. Upwards of 38 finding hours. It is like I am talking to the same 10 junkies. The district and zone are doing really well though. I have done 4 baptismal interviews in the past 2 weeks and have 2 more this week. Love meeting the people before they commit themselves to follow the savior. Really get to know people in like 25 minutes. 
   I will miss the opportunity to get to know so many people. I do kinda want to move. This place is just too small. We got a referral from the Ayr Sisters. She is so golden. Knowing my luck I will move before she gets Baptized. Heavenly Father needs to keep me humble.
    I am pretty sure that big Jake Taylor got called to Lisburn Portugal
Love you Mama Hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!