Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday!!

  Hey Mom was it you who sent the 2 Thomas Monson books? I started reading the pathway to perfection. It is so good. I am in Cork and this place is so incredible. took a lot of pictures, but I forgot my camera chord (of course). Cork has a branch of about 60 members. Funny branch.
         This place is a lot warmer than Scotland, and is not going to rain as much. We are teaching some people from all over the world. Cork is very similar to Galway. I already love this area. My companion is Elder Garrick from Utah. He is so great and is a hard worker. There are two other teams of Elders in Cork. Elder McDaniel is with Elder Smith. Elder Smith is from Australia and is a chiller. The other team is Elder Peacock (from England) and Elder Selander (Utah). I know Elder Peacock really well from Edinburgh. Then there is a sister team in a place called Tralee. There are the other missionaries in our district.
       Today we will going to some wildlife park to see some Animals. I am probably too excited to go. 
Love you! Cant wait for mothers day!
Ps. I dont feel 20.
Elder Scholz

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