Monday, February 27, 2017

What Makes You Happy?

Hey Mama,

    Had a pretty good week. We spent a lot of the week talking to people on the street. You meet a lot of interesting people when you ask questions like, what makes you happy?
   We had dinner with the Calder family again this week. They have some great music talent. They put on a concert, it was really cool. There are some really good families here, they take good care of us.
      We are teaching a few Muslims and we were able to go and watch a prayer service last week. It was very interesting.
       We are continuing to strengthen the member relationships with the missionaries. 
Love you all and hope you have a great week.  
Elder Kai Scholz

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Attack of the Giant Bunnies!

Hey all. Had a pretty fun week!
   Last P-day we looked around the Paisley Abbey There are some interesting gargoyles around the outside. Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked about Baptismal Invitations. It went well and we were able to practice together. Elder Calton is a good friend of the Beestons, he is in our District as well. We talk about that little D-Beest all the time.
      After that I went on exchanges with Elder McDaniel! It was super fun to serve with him again. He is doing very well, he was well trained.
    We were also able to meet with some of our funny friends.
  We were hoping to have a huge day at church, but no one ended up showing up. That was pretty gutting<--- That is what they say here.
We are headed to a funeral later today in the rain. Should be an exciting P-day.

Friendly Neighborhood Gargoyle

Elder Scholz with Elder Calton

What do they feed those things?

Can I keep them?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Family Reunion!

Had a pretty good week. We met with a few great new people. Good news, there are Chinese people in Paisley. We probably found the 3 of them studying at UWS (University of West Scotland). That was fun. Had some interesting lessons with some interesting people. A lot of funny conversations on the street.
We made friends with the people who were stopping people to sell internet. Had one girl who was interested so we sent her info as a referral to the missionaries in Sheffield in England.
Don't think I mentioned that my companion is from London.
Had stake conference yesterday. It was so good to see some people that I know. Saw the Greenock branch and my good friend from when I was in Glasgow.
Hope you all have a great week!
Love Elder Scholz

Our district loves America (against their will)

Our "true" missionary bios

Brother Calder with the Calder Family History

There is a town named Johnston in our area

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Paisley, Scotland!

January 30, 2017

Hello I have 5 minutes to type this because this strange new library in PAISLEY is pretty booked for computers. Plus my companion ELDER MILBURN is already done emailing.
I loved Edinburgh and will miss it dearly.
I also loved Elder Hinckley and he is going to my old area in Glasgow. But the great thing is I have Elder McDaniel in my District so I will be seeing him a lot.
Sad to go, but I love where I am. I have been in this district before when I was in Greenock. So I kind of know this area. I will be seeing some of the members I loved when I was serving in Greenock. Exciting stuff, I will send some pictures next week!
Love you have a great week.
Elder Scholz

Leaving members in Edinburgh

Goodbye friends!

Companion bonding with Elder Hinckley

The Edinburgh YSA posse

February 6, 2017

Yes I am in Paisley, it is pretty close to both Glasgow and Greenock. At church I saw some members I knew from Greenock. The Paisley ward is actually the largest ward that I have served in with close to 120 members coming out on a Sunday. It beats both Glasgow and Edinburgh, something that the bishop is quite happy to share. 
I do love this ward already. We have a few DAs set up and planning on visiting some of the members this week to help get to know them better.
The Bishop is hilarious!!
We told him a little bit about ourselves and he made up fake profiles about us based on where we are from. Ill try to send a picture of them. MIne said I am a child actor and was in High school musical and Saved by the bell. I had a member of the bishopric come up to me and said... "I saw you and wondered why you looked familiar, then I read your profile.... I love saved by the bell!" I had no idea what he was going on about because I didn't read the profile yet. HAHA it was so funny. 
I will take pictures of the profiles
Love you all and have a a great week
Elder Scholz

Family picture 

My children and father


Just another beautiful church...