Thursday, February 23, 2017

Attack of the Giant Bunnies!

Hey all. Had a pretty fun week!
   Last P-day we looked around the Paisley Abbey There are some interesting gargoyles around the outside. Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked about Baptismal Invitations. It went well and we were able to practice together. Elder Calton is a good friend of the Beestons, he is in our District as well. We talk about that little D-Beest all the time.
      After that I went on exchanges with Elder McDaniel! It was super fun to serve with him again. He is doing very well, he was well trained.
    We were also able to meet with some of our funny friends.
  We were hoping to have a huge day at church, but no one ended up showing up. That was pretty gutting<--- That is what they say here.
We are headed to a funeral later today in the rain. Should be an exciting P-day.

Friendly Neighborhood Gargoyle

Elder Scholz with Elder Calton

What do they feed those things?

Can I keep them?

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