Thursday, May 26, 2016

Army of Helaman!

Hi Everyone!

We have had an amazing week this last week! We were busy and met a few new people. I went on exchanges with a few of the missionaries in the district. My companion was busy doing interviews for baptism on Monday so that is why I am emailing today. I went to Paisley and served with a great missionary named Elder Powell. We did some finding in the beautiful sunny weather. We also taught a few great people. There was one man who served in the British army. He loved the fact that I was from California. He went on about Arnold Schwarzenegger and muscle beach. He talked a lot about his service in the military and we talked about our families. He wishes all back home in California well. He actually gave me a really cool navy seal patch. I refused for a while, then he said that he wants me to bring it back to California. "It would have a better life in California." So I have it and I will bring it back home. He was a great man and people like him is what makes a mission so meaningful to me. I know we have a great week ahead and hope you have too.
Elder Scholz
My district

Look what I found stuck in a big rock!

A gift from an investigator
We are as the armies of Helaman...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Missionary Friends

May 9th

It was nice to skype home yesterday! It was a great ending to a great week. We were able to go to Edinburgh on Wednesday and hear from our mission president. I was able to see a lot of my missionary friends. It's always nice to see new things and meet new people. The weather has been nice recently and I have been able to wear a short sleeve shirt. This place is really beautiful when the sun is out. I am looking forward to the next week, because there is supposed to be nice weather. 
I hope you all have a great week.
This email is short because I told you everything yesterday.

May 16th

  Sounds like an incredible week. I am really proud of Mason. I am a little upset I couldnt be there but the pictures looked great.
We had a great week as well. We are teaching a couple new people. We have a busy week ahead of us as well. Our district all did well this week. We went to general priesthood yesterday and heard some great words in a funny accent. We are doing a bit of traveling this next week. We will be visiting members on a beautiful island. We will be going to a place called Dunoon to visit some people. 
     Elder Swarts and I are exciting for the new people we are teaching and are hoping that they will be able to get to know the members in the Greenock branch. We are having beautiful weather recently. We went a couple of weeks without rain and it was fairly warm. I didnt even have to wear a jacket for a while. It looks like this week will be a little different. I was able to get a few pictures of Scotland with some sunshine.
Elder Scholz

Greenock in the sunshine!

More sunny pics in Greenock

Elder Scholz and Elder Lindsay (from Saugus!)

The ferry to Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Almost Mother's Day!

I am excited to be calling home this weekend! Sounds like a lot has happened and it will be nice to see your faces.  
 Recently I have gone on exchanges with multiple missionaries. It is always fun to work with new people and see new areas. 
 The other day we had a great lesson that the branch had set up for us. They invited one of the members friend and we watched the Joseph Smith restoration video. We then taught him the restoration lesson and he loved it. It is always exciting to meet and teach new people. It is also exciting when the branch invites there friends to learn.
  Tomorrow we have a huge missionary conference in Scotland. We dont really know what is happening because last time something like this happened Elder Holland came and spoke to the missionaries. I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen. 
   It has started to rain the past couple of days, so our nice spring weather has come and went. Hopefully our summer will be a bit longer than 10 days. 
Hope you have a great week and I will speak to you on Sunday.
Elder Scholz