Monday, September 19, 2016

En Guard!

Hey Mama 
   The weather is starting to get colder and there is more rain. It is crazy how this is going to be the second winter on my mission. That is crazy about the Irish girl! You should ask which Dublin ward she was in. Moves call is next Sunday and knowing my luck I will probably be moving again, but I dont think so. We were supposed to have a baptism this week but we needed to push it back until after conference weekend. I am very excited to listen to conference, it is way better on the mish. We did fencing today for P-Day with a member who is a fencing coach. It is pretty funny to smack each other with a sword. The University is starting up now and we are starting to speak to more foreigners which is good. Hope you all are having a great week!

Elder Scholz

Monday, September 12, 2016

Missionary Cookies

Sounds like an Incredible week. Weeks are just flying by like crazy. Next transfer I will be hitting the year mark! 
We have had a great week. It was crap weather but we found some really great people. We are hoping to have a baptism in a couple of weeks. We had a miracle find. Mainly because we found a Filipino lady in Derry?! Luckly there are a few Filipinos in the ward. We are so excited for the success we are seeing. But, moves call is sneaking up on us. We should be staying but no one knows for sure what is going to happen. We are really setting this area on fire even the downpour of rain cant stop us. We got to teach young mens yesterday in church and it was pretty fun. I remember when the missionaries used to sit in on our class when we wouldnt have a teacher. That was a reminder that I am one of those people that wear a name badge and are from some foreign place. 
   Pray for us and those that we are teaching.
Oh and we made cookies for our neighbors and they were absolutely awful.
Have a great week, 
Love you all
Elder Scholz

Missionary Cookies...Yummy!

A new perspective

"Cuz I'm proud to be an American..."

A mural in Derry

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pigeon Whisperer

   Hey thank you for the Talk you sent me I have heard it and wanted to read it again. I used it when I spoke in sacrament meeting. Elder McDaniel and I are working harder and harder now that we know our area pretty well. We are teaching everybody and are looking for those who are prepared. On Saturday we went and bought an ice cream cone from this nice lady in an Ice Cream truck. We had a good chat with her and she said she was pretty interested. She told us to come back and see her. So yesterday we went back to the van and taught her through the window and she loved it. We are definitely seeing the miracles especially when we talk to and teach everyone. 
   Elder McDaniel is like a weird animal whisperer, it must be an Idaho thing. He was able to telepathically control the pigeons in the city center. Everyone loved it and were taking pictures. Haha  Good times.
I hope everyone is doing good at home.
Love you and have a great week.

Elder McDaniel...Pigeon Whisperer

They wear their ties short there in Ireland...