Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Paisley, Scotland!

January 30, 2017

Hello I have 5 minutes to type this because this strange new library in PAISLEY is pretty booked for computers. Plus my companion ELDER MILBURN is already done emailing.
I loved Edinburgh and will miss it dearly.
I also loved Elder Hinckley and he is going to my old area in Glasgow. But the great thing is I have Elder McDaniel in my District so I will be seeing him a lot.
Sad to go, but I love where I am. I have been in this district before when I was in Greenock. So I kind of know this area. I will be seeing some of the members I loved when I was serving in Greenock. Exciting stuff, I will send some pictures next week!
Love you have a great week.
Elder Scholz

Leaving members in Edinburgh

Goodbye friends!

Companion bonding with Elder Hinckley

The Edinburgh YSA posse

February 6, 2017

Yes I am in Paisley, it is pretty close to both Glasgow and Greenock. At church I saw some members I knew from Greenock. The Paisley ward is actually the largest ward that I have served in with close to 120 members coming out on a Sunday. It beats both Glasgow and Edinburgh, something that the bishop is quite happy to share. 
I do love this ward already. We have a few DAs set up and planning on visiting some of the members this week to help get to know them better.
The Bishop is hilarious!!
We told him a little bit about ourselves and he made up fake profiles about us based on where we are from. Ill try to send a picture of them. MIne said I am a child actor and was in High school musical and Saved by the bell. I had a member of the bishopric come up to me and said... "I saw you and wondered why you looked familiar, then I read your profile.... I love saved by the bell!" I had no idea what he was going on about because I didn't read the profile yet. HAHA it was so funny. 
I will take pictures of the profiles
Love you all and have a a great week
Elder Scholz

Family picture 

My children and father


Just another beautiful church...

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