Monday, October 3, 2016

To the Mother Ship!

Mother I moved AGAIN!?! It shocked us hardcore, but I am moving to be the new YSA district leader in Edinburgh. I am going to the Flagship of the mission. I go to church with all the office staff and there are 10 missionaries in our ward. I have a Chinese speaking missionary as a companion, his name is Elder Donovan he is from Utah. He is really funny and is doing well with his Chinese. We teach a lot of chinese people which is always fun. We have a super nice flat, with an amazing shower so that makes the day nicer. Also Elder McDaniel stayed in Londonderry and they ended baptising the lady we were teaching. I am a little sad that I missed it but I am happy to be in another big city. I left my camera charger in Derry so my camera is dead so I will send more photos next week!
Sorry for missing emailing had a lot of traveling.
Elder Scholz
Home to Edinburgh

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