Monday, January 11, 2016

The Spice of Life

  Hello from Galway!

This Last week was pretty exciting. We meet with lots of people and met many new people. We teach mostly foreigners because of all the schools that teach english. We are starting to meet many people from this one school called Bridge Mills Language Center. One girl in our branch goes to that school and started to introduce us to her friends. We would teach them and they would bring more and more people to our lessons. Now we probably know half of the people at that school.
   The weekend was pretty fun as well. Thursday we had dinner at the Morgans(The American couple) and C (recent convert) came as well. It was tasty food and we had a nice time. Friday night we went to a less-active ladies birthday party. Her name is A and she is from Nigeria. It was an interesting experience. My companion and I were the only ones sitting at the dinner table and she kept throwing crazy food on our plates. I would have been okay, but I have never consumed food that was so spicy in my entire life. I normally can handle spicy food, however I was struggling. I was sweating from this food. A has two sons named J(14) & J(12) they are really cool and both love basketball. We were talking about the NBA for a while. It was great and took some great pictures. 
   Saturday we had a farewell party for Alex. She is leaving on a mission at the end of January. She is serving in Birmingham, England. We had a pirate themed party with a lot of food and treats. Everybody was all dressed up and we were able to meet new people.
   Church was nice and my companion gave a talk about the Book of Mormon. I really like having a small branch because everything is more personal and friendly. 
  I hope everyone is doing well
Elder Scholz
Nigerian fam
Pirate Party
West Side


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