Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In Search of New Investigators!

We had a very great Thanksgiving.  I ended up getting a double thanksgiving. We went to a YSA thanksgiving dinner with another team of missionaries. That was pretty fun, but we killed the food so fast. Then on the Friday after we were invited to Thanksgiving at the mission home. It was incredible, would not of even known that it was in the UK. The full line up of thanksgiving food all the way to the yams. Not a bad thanksgiving at all.
   We are currently teaching a lot of frustrating people. Especially because exams are coming up for the students so they can meet less and less. All is well in Zion, because they also have no more lectures so some can meet frequently.
Looking forward to Christmas.
Love you all
Elder Kai Scholz
Banana anyone?

Not sure...

A little bit o' snow

View of the city

Other side of the city

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