Thursday, November 17, 2016

Training again!

Hello Mama 
    It is starting to cool down plenty. No snow but it could come soon! my new companion is Elder Hinckley from Clinton Utah. He is a tall guy (my first companion that is taller than me). He is really great! Another easy one to train. However, neither of us speak Chinese and we still teach all Chinese! It is fun to try to draw lessons, or use different analogies. We are excited to be serving together in Edinburgh! 

    Im looking forward to Thanksgiving, I hope that we can be with an American family for it. We have some really interesting people that we have met recently. We are hoping to find and teach some new people. 

    We are going to do some shopping today and getting some pizza with the other missionaries!
Elder Hinckley...Greenie!

PDay email selfie

Edinburgh Castle

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