Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Hello Everyone!
Less than a week till Christmas!? Where did December go? It sounds like we are going to be spending Christmas with a lot of our Chinese friends. Haha should be fun. For most of them it is their first Christmas as Christians. We are looking at a fun week this week. We have a big all-Scotland Christmas Conference where we will be having fun with all the missionaries. Also Elder Hinckley and I got invited to the mission home for Christmas Breakfast before Church. The Weather says it will be pretty cold and rainy this week, but you can't drown the Christmas spirit our mission is feeling!

What time would work the best for you and we can make it happen. We don't even really know are plans yet. If you send me a time then we have something to go off of.

Ani just so you know 16 doesnt mean you can date, you have to wait till I get home to OK a date.
Tessa Enjoy Christmas and cant wait to see you!!

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