Monday, August 7, 2017

Back To School

    There is a large Romanian family that I have told you a little about. We have been going over to there house quite a bit and they love to feed us whenever we come by. Last time we went they fed us some mystery soup that contained what we deduced was probably squid. It looked like boiled chicken fat and tasted like it as well. However, through all the Romanian shouting we heard the word squid. 
      All is well in Dundalk. There is a very helpful family, who has a great love and vision for the branch. We have a small teaching pool, but no one came to church! It was a small sacrament meeting of about 20. Good wee testimony meeting. 
We have a good week ahead of us with visits to some good families, and hopefully teaching some of our more solid investigators.
Love you much mamamama
Elder Scholz
Big Romanian Family

Mason's nickname on a wall in Ireland!

An investigator

One of the Romanian kids (I assume)

Dundalk District?

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