Monday, August 21, 2017

Baptism Miracle

Hey mama!!
    Twas a good week. Got the call that we are staying right here in the beautiful Dundalk.
  Got the call and I am finishing up here in Dundalk, and guess what!? Baptism on Sunday!
Came out of nowhere! A member had been telling us about her friend and how they have been talking a lot about the church. This girl Alicia had been going to Institute a few times and FHE. We taught her yesterday and it was the case of "When is the absolute earliest that I can be baptized?" 
     We spoke to the mission President and the Branch President, the baptism is confirmed for sunday and she will be confirmed the following week. 
MIRACLE. It is good to see someone who is so genuine about it all. Still cant believe it. This is how missionary work is supposed to happen.
    I am loving this area. There are some very nice families and they appreciate what we are doing for them. We are working with some less active families and they are starting to make some progress. One family have been coming out semi-regularly. 
   We dont have plans for P-Day today, but hopefully we can Figure something out!!!

Have a great week,
Elder Scholz

Fries anyone?

Headed my way?

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