Monday, September 11, 2017

Final All-Ireland Conference

September 4, 2017

Hey Mama
I'm convinced that the celestial kingdom will be just like shaver lake. I am looking forward to thanksgiving. The Cousin Cabin sounds so amazing. I would love to help out.
The baptism had been pushed back to the 30th of September. Her Mom is going pretty ballistic. We are giving it some time because I am not about to break up a family. We are teaching Alicia twice this week. Mainly helping her feel the spirit.
     Her baptism will be on my last day in Dundalk. I am sad to see her have to go through a major trial before she is even a member.
     We had the largest number of people I have seen at church on Sunday. It was like 30 people. Cant even Imagine a large congregation anymore. Tomorrow is my last All-Ireland and I am going to be giving a departing testimony. I still remember my Incoming testimony. Big changes since then.
Love you!!
Elder Scholz

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