Friday, July 28, 2017

It's the Final Countdown!

   I did get the letters that you all sent. I loved reading them. Tell Noah and Mason that I loved there drawings. That is so crazy to hear about Michael and Taggert!! When do the leave? Where is Michael going again?
    This week has been a little crazy! There is a large Romanian family that we visit regularly, they are a lot of work! Kids are kind of wild... but it is pretty fun.
     We have one guy that we found, he is really nice and pretty interested!! He came to church and hopefully he enjoyed the company of the small branch.
   Here is a picture of us in Edinburgh when I picked up Elder Lybbert. He is on the far right.
Do you recognize the Elder on the far left??
Love you and have a great week!!!
Elder Scholz

Picking up his greenie in Edinburgh

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