Monday, April 11, 2016

Goodbye Ireland...Hello Scotland!

Yo yo,
   I am moving to SCOTLAND!!!! I will be traveling a while to a smaller town named Greenock. It is in the Lowlands of Scotland kind of close to Glasgow, but it is on the west coast. I am just destined to stay in the west coast wherever I am. There are so many great things that happened recently. We got an amazing chinese man to come to church and he accepted a baptismal date. Also the tattoo artist we are teaching is continuing to progress towards baptism. His date is the 23rd of April. There is a new Assistant to the President named Elder Lindsay and he is from Saugus!! He called me for my moves call and said he knew where I was from. We talked about it a bit, but I have to meet him so we can talk more. 
   It was pretty bitter sweet to visit all the great people here in Galway, but I have heard good things about my new area. Thats so crazy to hear about Spencer getting his call. That will be an amazing mission. There is a lot of new things happening and I will send a lot of new info about my new area next week.
Love you and have a great week. 

D Walker

The Morgans

Amein the Legend

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