Monday, April 18, 2016

Birthday in Greenock

Hello Everyone!
Greenock is amazing. It is a pretty large area that covers a few islands as well! The branch is really great and loves missionaries. I am excited to be working with them. The branch mission leader is super great. We are teaching some incredible people and we will be finding many more. Greenock is smaller than Galway, so we will be knocking more doors.
   My companion is Elder Swarts. Our names are going to confuse everyone. He is from South Africa! He is a really funny guy and loves to have fun. He has been serving his mission for about 15 months so I will be learning a lot. Instead of emailing from a nasty email cafe, I am emailing from an old historical library. There is a very different feel and I can tell that I am in a different country because I cannot understand anyone!!!!!! The accent is no joke. It is thick but it is fun to listen to. I will be trying to imitate it because it will be fun to use later. 
   My companion already told everyone that my birthday is coming up so we have an appointment with these members and apparently she used to be a professional baker. They asked me my favorite cake flavor so I am definitely looking forward to Friday
This area is going to be fantastic and I am Looking forward to spending a bit of time here. 
Hope you have a great week!! 

Greenock, Scotland

Another view

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