Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Initiative

Hello People,
   I am really excited for this upcoming month! I am firstly excited for Christmas! We have been doing some Christmas shopping earlier today and are really going all out! I am really excited for Christmas because we have just started the Christmas Initiative, that is the new stuff that the Church has released for us to use to tell about the meaning of Christmas. We get new cards to give out and there is new videos on the website for everybody to check out. I am starting to get to know the members of the branch a lot better, and they are all so amazing and kind. In such a small branch we get to be around each other a lot so there is no room for any bad feelings. I spoke for the second time yesterday and I had the opportunity to be one of two speakers for sacrament meeting.
    Here in Galway we are working hard and playing hard and we are having fun. Sorry my time is short today but I am still alive and wanted you all to know that. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater!

It does a body good

University in Galway


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