Monday, August 1, 2016

Gift of Tongues

Hello Mama
Is the world still on fire? 
I am doing well, but I would be doing a lot better if I spoke fluent Chinese. There are so many Chinese students that are curious and want to learn about God. It can sometimes be hard to teach them the concept of a loving Heavenly Father when they have no concept of God. They are good though. They love to come to play ping pong at the church on our P day. It is a good way to teach to there interests.

Crazy that everyone is Leaving on there missions! I am so excited for Braden and I will be emailing him pretty soon while he is out in the field.
Funny Story:
On Friday we were teaching lesson at the church building and we had to leave quickly and I left the keys in the room we were using. We came back 2 hours later to get them and they were gone. The building was all clean so we assumed that someone picked it up while they were cleaning.
We called the bishop and asked him and he said that he found them and locked them in his drawer. Those keys had the apartment keys and a church key. So we then stayed the night at the zone leaders and we were just going to get a member of the bishopric to open the drawer at the baptism we had on Saturday. Then went to the baptism and the 1st Counselor did not have the keys... so we stayed the night again at the zone leaders. We then went to church the next day with no suit and got the keys from the bishop. 
Good times.
Hope you have a good week!
Elder Scholz

July  25 2016

That fire looks intense. Is it way worse than the fires we get every year? Are you going to be evacuated? 
We just finished a great week this week. We found new people to teach and we had a couple of our friends come to church with us. We have a few good chinese friends, that we are teaching and they took us around the Glasgow university. It looks like the Harry Potter school. Our friend took us to a hidden computer lab that was completely empty, and as we walked in he said in his hilarious broken engrish. "This is my Kingdom." It was funny.
However he will be going to Germany for a few weeks. 
The weather has been quite crazy. It has been warm and rainy so there has been a few thunderstorms. 
One of the shortcuts we use to get around in the Botanic Gardens near our flat. It is a pretty big garden area with a few walking trails. It is quite cool to go from a concrete jungle to an actual jungle just to walk home.

Have a great week!
Elder Scholz 

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